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Parent Survey Results released in New Haven

In a newly released survey, New Haven teachers recommended some schools, but not others. The district won’t yet say which schools are which.

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West Haven Superintendent Refuses A Voluntary Mediation

On Monday May 17th, 2010, the West Haven School Superintendent and Board voted 5 to 3 in favor of closing Anna Molloy and Clarence Thompson schools.

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Mom Congress at Georgetown University in Washington DC

Moms Across Country met with Secretary Arne Duncan about Education in Reform. Mom Congress Gwen Samuel Represented CT

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West Haven Parents and Students Hold Press Conference

Molloy Elementary School Community Pleading with Education Leadership Not to Close Town’s Highest-Performing Elementary School

Parents fight closing of West Haven schools

Expressing outrage over the closing of two schools in the West Haven (CT) school district, parents and education advocates are holding a press conference today at 6 pm.

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New Law Gives Parents Legal Power To Help Transform systemic failing schools.

Parents gain legal power to help transform systemically failing and/or low performing schools.

Mom Joins in Lesson Plan for Change

MERIDEN - Gwen Samuel has been known to pound the pavement of Meriden and Hartford to get her ideas heard, but for the first time next week she'll be doing so in Washington, D.C.

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MOM Congress

Meriden mom wins trip to Washington, D.C. to represent Connecticut at PARENTING MAGAZINE'S Mom Congress on Education and Learning Conference this May

What is the Crisis?

Education for Black Connecticut at all levels from pre-school through college is in a crisis, and the crisis will deepen if something drastic is not done now and if attitudes do not change!